Monday, May 21, 2012

Tom Fries Open - Last Round


  1. Good to finally meet you!! =)

    I bombed my Round 1. Bad move order in the Caro-Kann as black gave my opponent a nice knight outpost and he soon made a humpty dumpty out of my position. -_-

    I was a bit surprised that SDCC did a straight swiss matching for the round. (With which just missing the median kinda sucks: playing a strong expert or master)

    1. Good to meet you, too! SDCC does something a little different each tournament. I think it keeps things interesting. :) I think on this one our section is just Expert, A & B, so we're at the bottom of the section. I lost mine, too. I'm dying to look at it with the computer, but I didn't get home until almost midnight, so I haven't had time to, yet!