Saturday, April 14, 2012

SDDC Senior/Junior Open

Day 1

Matchups were rough for round 1, with my opponent rated (exactly) 500 points above me, but I had an awesome chance that I blew! If I had just applied the "Dembo Rule" (from her book "The Very Unusual Book About Chess" which I quite like) about the "point of intersection" on move 14, I might have found 14. Rxf5, leading to a pretty crushing attack.

Round 2, on the other hand, I am a little embarrassed of.

Took a Round 3 bye. Rounds 4 & 5 tomorrow after some rest!

Day 2

Round 4

Round 5


  1. Girl, wow, you played some interesting opponents. Was the first one also a kid? I don't think I know who it is. I do know Daniel Zhu though, from Zhu family with 3 brothers. I think I was paired with his brother like few times at different events. Tomorrow is a better day for sure, your opponents were tough today. The first guy is like almost a master and Daniel is advancing with the speed of light (you know those kids, remember Ajay's case, the little dude just went up in rating overnight!). Will stay tuned for future games to be posted.

  2. Thanks, Ira! Yeah, the first was one of the kids, too, but an older kid. Probably high school age? I hope I can play some good games tomorrow!