Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gambito #558

Decided to get my chess in since I missed my Wednesday night game while on vacation. Had an interesting day. Definitely not my best playing. I only feel good about how I played in Round 1. Round 2 I got very lucky on. Round 3 I am quite disappointed in myself about (most disappointing loss I've had to date, I think). Round 4 I was tired and felt like I was flailing around.

Round 1 was my first tournament try at Panov-Botvinnik:

Round 2:
Updated to add: The game continued for at least 5 more moves from the end here that I didn't get notated due to time trouble. The position was more definitive at the actual end when Fred resigned.

Round 3. I can't believe I managed to lose this one.

Round 4:


  1. Wow girl. You played all four rounds. Awesome! First game, amazing capture of the queen! Second game, did you get Fred into time trouble again? He was fighting! Third game, awesome queen promotion, you had excellent chances to win and played very good. Forth game, you played well but Chuck happened to have a bit of material advance and crazy attacking position, ouch. Overall, girl, you did very very good! I normally give up by the forth round and withdraw but you stayed in a true Amazonian spirit!!

  2. Ah, I didn't note that Round 2 kept going for quite a while longer, but we were both running low on time at that point so I stopped notating. I think there was a time-helped blunder soon from Fred that went on to make it definitive.