Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Reserve Championship - Round 4

Got to try out my new project, the Tarrasch opening. Started well, and then I missed a simple tactic that dropped my queen. Boo.


  1. Ouch. =/

    You definitely have more of a fighting spirit than me. In similar cases, being uberly discouraged, I almost always resign right away.

  2. Fighter - check. Serious annoyance to my opponents - also check. ;) Since I'm still pretty inexperience, I like to play things out when there is so much material still on the board. I figure it's good practice. I was feeling pretty defeated after that, though, so it was kind of just going through the motions. There have been other games that I gave up too early when there were still chances, though, so I'm trying to instill a "don't give up" attitude in myself. There may have been a little spite aspect on this one, though, because when I made the blunder, my opponent had been away from the board. He came back, looked at what I did, looked at his watch which gave me the impression that I had wasted his time, looked at me and shrugged, and executed the tactic. Hmph. :) By the end of playing it out, he was in serious danger of not making time control, so I didn't feel that bad about having played on.