Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Reserve Championship - Round 3

This game was messy from both sides. I think we may both have been a little thrown off our game by not being used to playing a tournament game against a friend. :) I got lucky getting the win despite the messy play!


  1. What was your thinking behind 4... Nf6? 5. Nxf6 leaves eeky doubled f-pawns.

  2. @James I intended for him to take, which would bring us into the "Bronstein-Larsen" variation of the Caro-Kann (This was going to be my first time trying it, and I had booked up on it before this game!). The idea is to open up the g-file for my rook for a kingside attack, and I'd castle queenside. The fact that he didn't take it threw me off pretty far. :)

    1. Ah! Thanks! (Clicking through some games, it looks interesting! On black, I've loved the Caro-Kann for its stale dependability-- and Bronstein-Larsen seems much too adventurous for my tastes. Still, it's tempting to learn for the its fun/variety.)

      In case you were wondering, I've bookmarked your site during my googling for chess in the SD area (possibly move down from L.A. in a few months). Like you, I'm a 1600ish adult latecomer to chess-- so I've felt some kinship following your chess adventures.

      How do you feel about studying openings? I've always felt there is more value to investing study-time to tactics & middle-game/endgame theory. And yeah-- it's always annoying when opponent deviate from carefully prepped book variations. -_-