Thursday, October 20, 2011

Murra Family Team Tourney - Round 3

Brutal game. We were the last board playing, and didn't finish up until almost 11:30p. I felt pretty pushed around the whole game and was in time trouble at the end, so I'm very relieved to have come away with a draw, which I'm not sure he really should have given me at the end especially considering the time situation. I missed a pretty obvious tactic in the last few moves, although I'm not too sad about that since I was exhausted and struggling to not use up too much time. I spent almost half an hour at move 23, convinced that there was a beautiful tactic there if I could just find it. I didn't find it, and probably would have been better off with the time. I haven't put it in the computer yet, but am anxious to see if my gut was right there (or possibly the move before)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Murra Family Team Tourney - Round 2

My opponent lost this one rather than my winning it. I felt good with how I was doing until suddenly at move 33, realized I was lost. I crossed my fingers, pushed a pawn, and hoped he'd take the tempting looking blunder of 34 ... Re3+ rather than just moving his queen out of the way. Lucky for me he did.