Thursday, March 31, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 6

This turned out to be the last round of the Women's Championship tournament, and I managed to go undefeated 6-0. I felt like I was taking a really long time to finish this one after my opponent blundered a rook. I think I need a lot more endgame training.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 5

I was nervous about this game when I found out the matchups had changed and I'd be up again Maria Elena. I felt like I played well, though, and managed a win! Many thanks to Irina for playing this opening all the time, leading me to be pretty well prepped. :) I'm pretty sure I could have done better than that queen exchange, but I feel good when I at least hold my own out of the opening since I'm still pretty new and have a very small opening repertoire. Now 5 - 0 in the tournament with 2 rounds to go.

I just realized that if I take a 6th round bye, than no one can catch me, but if I play and lose both of the last 2, than there is one other person who has a chance at winning...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 4

I'm now 4-0 in the Women's tourney. I feel really good about how I played in the early part of this game, but it got really sloppy as it went on. I'm lucky I came out with a win.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Western Class Championships

I played in Class C in my first big tournament this weekend, the Western Class Championships. Started out slow with two losses, but finished well. 2-2-1.

This was my tough start to the tourney.

Re-entered the tournament on the 2-day schedule, first 2 rounds G/75, and lost my second attempt at "Round 1". Stopped notating because of time pressure, but blundered my rook to a King - Rook knight fork at the end, in a very sad manner. Irina was watching right before that, decided I had the game in hand, and took a bathroom break, and came back to the sad, sad truth. :). This was against the guy who ended up winning Class C. His post-tourney rating was 1705. He was playing with almost no time on his clock from about move 40, but I still couldn't finish it!

Round 2 after re-entry. I was feeling discouraged by my first 2 games, so offered a draw relatively early in the game, and she accepted. Stockfish analysis agrees that it was pretty even at that point. I'm ok with that decision. I took a bye in the third round, which gave me a chance to relax after a not-bad result. :)

Round 4. I think he was trying out a new opening that he wasn't comfortable with, and then started second guessing it. I unfortunately did let him even it back up in the middlegame, but then got lucky that he made a big mistake.

This was the last game of the tourney. I felt like I was losing the whole time, and suddenly there was a mate. I hear this is the brother of IM Jacek Stopa. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 3

Third game of SDCC's Women's Championship. I won first board. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Super Gambito

I had a good day today in the 4 round Gambito! Games were G/40.

First round again first seed in Reserve section:

Second round was my only loss. I just completely missed 31. ... Bxh2 opened up 32. d6+. My opponent kept an impressively clear head with 5 second left on his clock for at least the last 5 moves of the game, and my clock ran down instead.

Other 2 games to follow.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 2

Got to play the lovely Irina tonight. She shocked me by letting me play my Göring gambit instead of playing her Petrov's defense. Analysis from Stockfish engine.