Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Draw for round 4 of Wednesday night tourney

I am really happy with this game. I came into it really tired and grumpy, so wasn't expecting much, but I managed to do ok and get a draw despite that. I just ran it through the computer analysis, and I think this is the cleanest game according to the engine analysis that I've ever had!


  1. girl, you played good tonight!!!!

  2. Damn Eliza, you are kicking ass! You will be 1800 in no time!!
    Keep up the great play!

  3. One of the fascinating features of chess is that sometimes the simplest positions can suddenly turn horribly complicated. It shows how rich chess can be. You think there's not much in the position, but then with the right move or two ... amazing complications magically appear.

    The final position here is a good example. Okay, it's drawn ... nothing to play for. It's dead. But ...
    What if white tries to win the pawn on c6?

    It's still drawn, but only if you don't try to defend the c6 pawn. When white plays Ke5 marching toward the pawn, defending loses by zugswang. Not defending and moving the bishop to c4 draws. You're just in time to draw a pawn down in a locked position.

    Let's say, though, that you don't continue with the simple and elegant drawing solution. Instead you try for counterplay and possible winning chances by attacking with your own king Kg4-f3.

    Now with just one additional move from each player, you enter the land of intractable complications.