Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women's Championship - Round 5

I was nervous about this game when I found out the matchups had changed and I'd be up again Maria Elena. I felt like I played well, though, and managed a win! Many thanks to Irina for playing this opening all the time, leading me to be pretty well prepped. :) I'm pretty sure I could have done better than that queen exchange, but I feel good when I at least hold my own out of the opening since I'm still pretty new and have a very small opening repertoire. Now 5 - 0 in the tournament with 2 rounds to go.

I just realized that if I take a 6th round bye, than no one can catch me, but if I play and lose both of the last 2, than there is one other person who has a chance at winning...


  1. Nice, good job showing the model type chick chess is not a fashion show.

    Credit for playing a really sharp opening and fighting for the advantage out of the opening with the White pieces.

    Probably 8. Qxd6 is a bit inaccurate helping her develop her Bishop. Make her do it on her own. Instead something simple like 8. Nc3 working on your own development looks good.

    I like the idea of trying 28. Re5+ Kxc4 29. Rxf5 c5 30. Be2+ Kb4 31. c3+ Ka5 32. Rxc5+ at the very least but if Black mis-steps with the King it can very well be checkmate.

    Really a fine played game all the way through. Good technique to win really risk free after getting the advantage.

  2. Thanks, Matt! I did look at 28. Re5+ Kxc4 for quite a while before deciding to protect my knight. I wasn't quite able to follow it through in my head at the time to see how strong it ended up being.