Sunday, March 13, 2011

Western Class Championships

I played in Class C in my first big tournament this weekend, the Western Class Championships. Started out slow with two losses, but finished well. 2-2-1.

This was my tough start to the tourney.

Re-entered the tournament on the 2-day schedule, first 2 rounds G/75, and lost my second attempt at "Round 1". Stopped notating because of time pressure, but blundered my rook to a King - Rook knight fork at the end, in a very sad manner. Irina was watching right before that, decided I had the game in hand, and took a bathroom break, and came back to the sad, sad truth. :). This was against the guy who ended up winning Class C. His post-tourney rating was 1705. He was playing with almost no time on his clock from about move 40, but I still couldn't finish it!

Round 2 after re-entry. I was feeling discouraged by my first 2 games, so offered a draw relatively early in the game, and she accepted. Stockfish analysis agrees that it was pretty even at that point. I'm ok with that decision. I took a bye in the third round, which gave me a chance to relax after a not-bad result. :)

Round 4. I think he was trying out a new opening that he wasn't comfortable with, and then started second guessing it. I unfortunately did let him even it back up in the middlegame, but then got lucky that he made a big mistake.

This was the last game of the tourney. I felt like I was losing the whole time, and suddenly there was a mate. I hear this is the brother of IM Jacek Stopa. :)


  1. Share your wisdom on how to do the new viewer!

  2. In the Salvaryan game, I just noticed a cool trick you had to escape the bind he put you in on move 18. Instead you had 18. Nc6! threatening to capture on e7 forking the King and Queen, then after 18...Bf6 something like 19. Qb3 to avoid the strong pin he had on your Knight which caused so many problems.

  3. I sooo wish I had seen that in the game. Such a pretty move that would have been.