Thursday, February 3, 2011

Markowski Open, Round 5

I was definitely feeling over-matched the whole game. I never managed to get anything going.


  1. Your pawn on f5 is much more useful if you play 6...exd5. Then you would have the half open e-file to work with, plus you could play more aggressively with your pieces, for example Bd6 instead of Be7. Your other bishop would have more scope too. Maybe at some point you'll play f4 and your blockaded bishop will come to life. You could fight for the initiative, jump into e4 with your knight with the intention of recapturing with the f-pawn if its traded off and working with the half open f-file. With the initiative you could work towards a kingside attack. Every move, every tempo, every gain of time counts.

    As played, the pawn on f5 only created weakness. You're passively defending. It's a completely different game. If it were legal, instead of 10...a6, retreating the pawn from f5 back to f7 would give you a stronger structure.

    So when you risk playing the Dutch, which in general has permanent structural/static weaknesses, you have to think more in terms of dynamic play.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, Bruce! I looked up some master games that had that 6...exd5 that you mentioned to see how they feel, and I definitely see your point.

    I got to try the dutch again at the Gambito and had a major Staunton Gambit fail that I may be too ashamed of the post. I hope I'm going to get the hang of the Dutch before I lose hope in my ability to play it. :)